Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Android Media Player Dongle

Qmax Systems India Pvt Ltd offers the Android Media player dongle which is suitable in particular for ambitious newcomers who are looking for an inexpensive, diverse world of multimedia technology, without compromising highly innovative features and highest quality standards. For a digital all-rounder, Qmax systems have made  Android Media player dongle which  comes in series with the functions of a DVB-receiver, a media player, a multimedia server & client – all of these features being highly user-friendly.

Android Media player dongle comes in four different stylish casing designs, all being highly flexible- a single tuner model (DVB-C or DVB-T) comes with delivery – and as an introductory bonus retailers placing their first order of the Android Media player dongle(Android Hardware Development) receive two DVB-S-tuners for the price of one!


If customers’ demands increase, simply add elements, for example by installing a hard drive to create a personal video recorder. You can select from virtually all common optical drives available – from a simple DVD-Rom to a dual-layer burner – anything is connectable. 

A free slot is available to add a tuner module of choice. You can upgrade your Android Media player dongle with Twin-tuners to receive up to four programs via four different satellite transponders. Or take the Android Media player dongle to your vacation domicile.(Embedded Product development) Through the ability to adapt to satellite, cable or terristric reception – you are geared for all possible forms of reception – all with just one device.

For Pc-Pros looking for an individually created media center solution, the Android Media player dongle is ideal: previously owned existing large storage devices or DVD-burners do not have to be replaced. The installation of additional components becomes easy as 1-2-3, thanks to the user-friendly casing structure.
A variety of interchangeable displays in trendy color combinations ensures more individual expression, which is particularly attractive for so called case-modders(Hardware design services ).

And to assure easy communication with other home entertainment devices networked to the Android Media player dongle a Mini-PCI-base comes included in delivery – by adding the WLAN accessory, the Android Media player dongle  is also able to communicate within cordless networks.

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